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How to Create Awareness for Your Cause

People do amazing things everyday.

The problem is that most people never see them or hear about them. Creating a buzz is essential to gaining active followers and supporters.

Here are just a few tips to help in raising awareness for your cause or project:

Create Open Information

No one who wants to know about you should have to go looking very far. Assess the population you are targeting and decide which type of media would be most appropriate to reach them. Publish it, and keep it updated. Old news is just that.

Use 80/20 to Target Influencers

Apply the 80/20 principle to your future supporters. Assume that the most influential 20% of people are going to produce 80% of your references or impressions.

This can be difficult to implement sometimes, but try to identify influential people, conferences, publications, or other forms of media that will help you to get noticed. This strategy gets at the heart of targeted marketing; don’t try to create blanket ads or statements, alert influential people to what you are doing and let everyone else catch up.

By this logic, the first principle of creating open information would help to support the trickle down supporters from your targeted marketing campaign. Although maintaining a large base of followers or supporters is difficult, these quick tips should give you a good idea of how to grow a user base quickly.


Weekly WordPress Challenge 3: ITC

Good Morning ITCs,

I hope everyone had a nice, abbreviated week because of fall break.

WordPress Challenge 3: Add widgets to your WordPress page and then write a post about which widgets you selected and why.

You can add widgets in the dashboard by going to Appearance>Widgets. Each theme will have different options for how many widgets it will let you install, so each of you will have a different number of widgets to choose from.

Let me know if you have questions. Have a good week and keep up the hard work.